Let us come to you & take care of all your IT assets. We can handle all packing/logistics & give you proper value of your items.

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Our team of professionals are highly experienced with proper data destruction steps & we assure you all of your data is safe in our hands.

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We’re proud to offer our recycling services to companies all over the USA. Any unused equipment we’ll haul away at no cost!

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We buy all types of precious metals & surplus chemicals from clients. Give us a call 877-934-4298 or contact us by using our contact form.

Responsible Recycling

Surcomm provides recycling services for computers, electronic equipment, metals and plastics. Recycling is completed by disassembly of the items and then returning the metals, plastics, and other materials back into manufacturing. Surcomm complies with all federal and state regulations.

Equipment Removal

Do you have off-lease or surplus equipment occupying your precious warehouse/office space? Would like it removed quickly & properly? Surcomm will handle all of your asset removal, recycling and logistic needs. Surcomm will provide complete removal of the equipment directly from your facility.

Asset Recovery

Maximize your asset recovery in a good and rewarding way. Surcomm provides recovery services to any size company. Liquidating their surplus and off-lease equipment or bankruptcy. SurComm is the best company to liquidate all of your surplus and obsolete computers, electronic equipment, heavy equipment of all kinds to surplus chemicals, Surcomm will accommodate all of your needs.

Bankruptcy Asset Liquidation

Surcomm will orchestrate all your asset liquidations of all types of electronic equipment heavy  economically distressed and bankrupt companies, including surplus chemicals.

Logistics Management Services

Surcomm provides reliable, timely, and environmentally secure service to businesses throughout the nation and internationally. Surcomm has a large universe of buyers across the nation that can pay top dollar for your out of service assets.